Polieco manufactures polyethylene manholes and Tee manholes, used in combination with ECOPAL corrugated pipes or other plastic pipes, such as PVC and HDPE. The manufactured  manholes are designed to connect sewerage distribution networks to the surface, to facilitate inspections and cleaning interventions.

Unlike traditional cement manholes, the polyethylene manholes manufactured by Polieco offer a series of advantages in terms of speed and versatility during installation thus reducing transport costs due to their manoeuvrability.

The Polieco polyethylene manholes are useful in meeting any requirement, even depending on different laying conditions. Six types of moulded base manholes are available depending on the base geometry, the diameter of inlet and outlet pipes and the riser diameter.

Included in the range of sewerage manholes for managing wastewater and white water, energy dissipating manholes are ideal to be installed in non-pressurised underground pipes, where however the sewer pipe is applied on steep slopes.

Starting from the corrugated pipes, such as ECOPAL 2.0 or smooth polyethylene pipes appropriately cut and welded together, Polieco supplies a series of manholes created from pipes and spacious underground tanks, designed to store large quantities of rainwater in the ground.

Lastly, we manufacture siphon gully pots for underground sewers: the trap is designed for the outflow of the collected water, to prevent issues relative to the water stagnating inside the manhole.

Discover the entire range of manholes, tanks and gully pots manufactured by Polieco: download the technical data sheets, the information brochures and all the documentation available for detailed information on the features of all the items.