Polieco manufactures different underground cable conduits and a wide range of accessories to go along with them.

All the PE pipes manufactured by the company are designed to guarantee important mechanical qualities, a strong resistance to weathering and external agents, as well as ease of handling and installation. The particularity of the materials used make the flexible pipes for electric cables a sure thing for any place or need.

The corrugated cable gland pipes are used in underground power and telephone installations, where the materials running inside the conduits need to be perfectly preserved. Several injection moulded accessories for cable conduits can be matched to the corrugated cable gland: the Polieco range consists of a variety of items such as couplers, caps and supports in polyethylene, PVC and polypropylene.

The corrugated pipe for cable conduits, manufactured by Polieco, provides resistance to temperature excursions and chemicals, guaranteeing flexibility, elasticity and lightness, thereby facilitating installation operations. The ring pipe features an outer surface capable of providing strong anchoring to the surrounding ground and an inner wall to facilitate running the cables inside. Furthermore, the underground corrugated pipe has significant mechanical properties, such as high resistance to crushing and blows.

See our offer of corrugated cable conduits, such as 450 N and 750 N Enel cable conduits manufactured by Polieco and the whole range of supplied accessories, designed to provide the maximum versatility and high-performance of our cable conduits.