Moulded base manholes consist of a circular PEMD moulded base section, obtained via a rotomoulding process.
Manholes can be used in combination with our Ecopal corrugated pipes or other plastic pipes (PVC, PEAD).
Five types of bases are available, depending on the geometry of the base, the diameter of the inlet and outlet pipes, and the diameter of the riser.
The bases include a truncated cone or cup arrangement on the upper part that can accommodate a socket consisting of an Ecopal corrugated pipe.
The junction between the base and the riser can be carried out by means of a gasket or a welding procedure.
Ends of manholes with ND/OD 800 – 1000 – 1200 risers can be created using a PEMD conical reduction adaptor, obtained by rotomoulding and coupled onto the extension, which is used to reduce manholes up to a crawl space diameter of 600 mm.
A ladder, consisting of polyethylene uprights and polyethylene-coated steel steps, may also be welded onto the inside wall of ND/OD 1000-1200 risers.