Polieco manufactures several special parts, both moulded or created from corrugated pipes, and accessories for corrugated pipes.

The special moulded parts or parts from pipes are items supplied with the high density polyethylene pipes manufactured by Polieco such as ECOPAL or ECOPAL 2.0.

Among the special parts, pipe fittings, pipe bends, couplings for round pipes, couplings and Firenze traps are manufactured. The polyethylene coupling and all the other special parts in HDPE are injection moulded or created directly from pipes of Polieco’s ECOPAL range: these feature a corrugated surface on the outside and a smooth surface on the inside.

POL BLOCK is an anti-slip joint designed for corrugated pipes. It was designed as a reinforcement system for the normal corrugated pipe coupling system for non-pressurised sewerage distribution networks. POL BLOCK can be used in situations where corrugated pipes need to be laid on grounds characterised by a steep slope with the risk of the pipes disconnecting and thereby posing a serious hazard of a hydraulic leak. The POL BLOCK system is available in different sizes, so as to properly connect to corrugated pipe joints of different diameters.

All the accessories made by Polieco are designed to promote construction site installation and versatility of use according to requirements.

Discover the pipe coupling, all the other accessories and special moulded parts or products from pipes manufactured by Polieco and the POL BLOCK joint for coupling corrugated pipes, and download the technical data sheets and BIM drawings.