Energy dissipating manholes are sewer manholes manufactured by Polieco consisting of a hemispherical, PEMD moulded base, obtained via a rotomoulding process.

As the inlet and outlet couplings can be made at different heights, the special spherical shape of the manhole makes it possible for effluent at the outlet of non-pressurised underground sewage systems to be slowed down. For this reason, energy-dissipating white-water manholes are generally used where a sewerage pipe is located on steep slopes.

The end of the sewerage manhole can be made with an EPDM tapered adapter obtained by rotomoulding and engaged on the coupling extension to taper the manhole up to a diameter of 600 mm for the crawl space. A ladder, consisting of polyethylene uprights and polyethylene-coated steel steps, may be welded on the inner wall of the risers.

Corrugated polyethylene pipes and other types of pipes can be connected to the energy-dissipating white-water manhole by using special parts.

To know further features and details on the energy dissipating manholes manufactured by Polieco, download the technical data sheet, the specifications and the BIM drawings or get in touch with us.