Manholes obtained from pipes manufactured by Polieco are composed of Ecopal corrugated pipes or smooth polyethylene pipes suitably cut and welded.

Manholes can be made with a channelled base if a pipe runs through it, or with a flat base if it does not. In the first case, fins are inserted inside the manhole consisting of polyethylene sheets inclined at 8° with respect to the horizontal plane. The base of the manhole consists of a polyethylene sheet of a suitable thickness welded to the inside wall of the manhole.

In the case of custom-made manholes, no restrictions are imposed on the diameter of inlet/outlet pipes and manholes of any type may be constructed according to designer’s requirements (e.g. L-shaped manholes, jump manholes, or manholes with multiple inlets).

Ends of manholes with ND/OD 800 – 1000 – 1200 risers can be created using a PEMD tapered adapter, obtained by rotomoulding and coupled onto the extension, which is used to reduce manholes up to a crawl space diameter of 600 mm.

A ladder, consisting of polyethylene uprights and polyethylene-coated steel steps, may also be welded onto the inside wall of ND/OD 1000 – 1200 risers. The manhole pipe is used in non-pressurised underground sewerage systems.

To find out all the information on the manholes created from pipes manufactured by Polieco, see the technical data sheet and the specification.