Polieco Group

Industrie Polieco – M.P.B. S.p.A., parent company of Polieco Group, has been manufacturing and designing high-density, polyethylene, double-wall, corrugated pipe systems since 1992.
Since it was founded, IndustriePolieco has been pursuing the objective of seeking increasingly innovative, cutting-edge technical solutions to make automatic production lines more competitive and aligned with high-quality standards.

With this in mind, it purchased equipment and technologies from Canada and Germany in 1995 to produce the ECOPAL pipe in Italy. This is a corrugated polyethylene pipe for non-pressure, sewerage distribution networks that has been in use for many years in northern Europe and the United States.
In addition to ECOPAL cable conduits and corrugated pipes, IndustriePolieco – M.P.B. designs and manufactures polyethylene fittings, special parts and manholes, using injection and rotomoulding techniques.
In 2012, it also decided to develop a project for the construction of a manhole cover in composite material, the KIO manhole cover, which immediately attracted interest and became successful on the world market.
In view of the success of its products throughout Europe and, in order to expand manufacturing, sales and distribution in the Central and Southern European areas, IndustriePolieco – M.P.B. established Polieco France SA (1999), PoliecoEspaña (1999 which closed in 2012), Polieco Hellas SA and Polieco Slovakia S.R.O (2006).
Today, Polieco Group, located in 4 countries (Italy, France, Greece and Slovakia) with 6 manufacturing plants and a workforce of almost 400 employees, is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high-density, polyethylene, corrugated pipe systems.