Polieco Group is a leader in the polyethylene corrugated pipe sector for different system requirements. For the installation of non-pressurised sewerage distribution networks, a range of corrugated pipes has been created, manufactured in high density polyethylene and/or high elastic modulus polypropylene, which can always guarantee high versatility and performance in every sewer system.

Among the leading products is ECOPAL, the double wall co-extruded pipe used in non-pressurised underground drain pipes, guaranteeing high resistance to deformation and to chemical agents which sewer pipes are constantly subject to.

Starting from ECOPAL, the Polieco sewer pipe, the company developed a wide range of products, such as the SLOW MOTION pipe, whose internal corrugated surface makes it ideal to slow down the flow of liquids on steep sloped ground.

ECOPAL NO LOSS is a double wall co-extruded pipe characterised by the addition of a water-stop expanding seal to the normal coupling system between pipes to make them more watertight in particular situations, such as when the ground settles. The joint with the water-stop expanding seal increases its volume when in contact with liquids.

The line also includes a Double Pipe system consisting of two ECOPAL concentric pipes, to prevent the escape of liquids causing ground pollution. This special type of corrugated pipe is especially suitable for installation in areas protected by environmental constraints, such as aqueduct areas or in the presence of water tables or wells.

Among the most important products to be installed in sewerage systems is ECOPAL 2.0, the pipe manufactured with the newly designed high density polyethylene, capable of achieving high performance like no other pipe on the market and offering superior resistance to abrasion.

Discover all the features of the ECOPAL pipe range: view the product pages and download the technical data sheets, the information manuals and brochures for detailed information on all the qualities of the items manufactured by Polieco Group for installation in a sewerage system complex.