Stormwater management requires creating systems capable of being used in all different environmental conditions: furthermore, climate change requires manufacturing necessarily stronger and more durable items, though subject to high intensity atmospheric phenomena.

This is why Polieco Group manufactures a wide range of ground stormwater drainage ground dispersion products , fit for any specific need and environmental condition.

For example, the DRENOPAL range is represented by slotted pipes manufactured in various stiffness classes which, thanks to its specific properties, is suitable for the collection and dispersion of stormwater, as well as capturing leachate. GEODRENOPAL on the other hand is a drain pipe with nonwoven geotextile, capable of preventing earth from entering the pipe.

To enhance its range of drainage systems in civil, sporting and farming facilities, Polieco has created the Polidren line, namely high-density polyethylene slotted corrugated pipes, supplied in coils. The corrugated drain pipe designed by the company guarantees high performance and lasting resistance to external agents.

There are always products such as GeoPolidren, a system of coils of corrugated and slotted pipes, coated in nonwoven geotextile to keep particles from entering.

Lastly, to release stormwater into the ground, Polieco also supplies its Adsorbing Manholes, made in different diameters depending on requests and which can be coupled to a variety of accessories. But we don’t only make manholes. In fact, Drenosewer is the drain pipe manufactured by Polieco taken from a corrugated polyethylene cable conduit in bars.

To supply a complete system that can efficiently deal with all stormwater management stages, Polieco decided to put Rausikko on the market: this is an innovative system consisting of modular cells, insulated by a nonwoven geotextile wall, with which to make stormwater collection, storage and dispersion basins. The last generation system is easy to install, versatile and durable, as well as being able to be inspected and kept constantly clean.

Discover all the stormwater drainage and dispersion systems manufactured by Polieco and see the technical data sheets, specifications and information brochures.