Polieco manufactures gully pots for underground sewerage networks.

The polyethylene siphon gully pots manufactured by Polieco are perfect for the management and treatment of stormwater. The light weight of the product makes it easy to install ensuring high water tightness.

The trap  allows it to exhaust the sewage water without releasing unpleasant odours or fumes, protecting the inlet with obstructing material.

The polyethylene siphon gully pot is made through a rotomoulding process. Two models are available with a rectangular section having different storage capacities and are designed to be coupled to the outlet of polyethylene or PVC corrugated pipes.

The gully pots can also be made fireproof: in this case, they are manufactured with a flame retardant material with a V2 flammability rating in accordance with standard UL94.

Download the technical data sheet and get all the information on the Polieco siphon gully pot.