The Ecopal 2.0 pipe manufactured by Polieco is the evolution of the classical Ecopal pipe. It is a corrugated pipe manufactured with LUXENE FORCE 77, a newly developed, high-density polyethylene item, guaranteeing much greater performance than traditional pipes. The blend consists of a percentage of colour masterbatch, mixed with antioxidant additives for better thermal stability.

Ecopal 2.0 is a co-extruded, double-wall pipe, smooth on the inside in white to facilitate video inspection of the pipe and corrugated on the outside in blue, and includes a white, longitudinal line to facilitate pipe alignment.

Ecopal 2.0 has enhanced performance characteristics compared to traditional Ecopal corrugated pipes – a 50% increase in internal wall thickness for better resistance to abrasion, with (e5) > 1.5 * e5,min defined by standard EN 13476-3. The pipe is highly watertight, in line with the +1.5 bar under pressure and -0.5 bar under vacuum, compared to the +0.5 bar and -0.3 bar required by the standard.

The Ecopal 2.0 co-extruded pipe is designed for installation in sewers and non-pressurised underground drain pipes. It can be coupled to all of the manholes and special parts manufactured by Polieco.

Download the information brochure, the technical data sheet, the specifications, the certificate and the BIM drawings for more detailed information on the Ecopal 2.0 corrugated pipe.