Ecopal 2.0 is a corrugated pipe manufactured from LUXENE FORCE 77, a newly developed, high-density polyethylene item.
Ecopal 2.0 is a co-extruded, double-wall pipe, smooth on the inside in white to facilitate video inspection of the pipe and corrugated on the outside in blue, and includes a white, longitudinal line to facilitate pipe alignment.
Ecopal 2.0 has enhanced performance characteristics compared to traditional Ecopal pipes – internal wall thickness (e5) > 1.5* e5, min as defined in the EN 13476-3 standard for greater abrasion resistance and a watertight seal at +1.5 bar at pressure and -0.5 bar in vacuum compared to +0.5 bar and -0.3 bar as required by the standard.


ECOPAL 2.0 Disegno tecnico