Polieco manufactures KIO, the manhole cover in Kinext, a composite material intended to revolutionise the world of road manhole covers.

The special composite material with which KIO manhole covers are made comes with several advantages: the Polieco manhole cover is extremely solid and strong. At the same time, plastic manhole covers are about 70% lighter than traditional manhole covers, making them easier to handle and install in worksites, significantly saving labour and equipment costs, both during installation and in subsequent maintenance interventions. Furthermore, the reduced weight of the Polieco manhole covers in composite material considerably decreases transport costs.

The manhole cover in composite material contributes to environmental protection, limiting the release of CO2 into the environment throughout its entire lifecycle. That’s not all: choosing plastic reduces noise when vehicles and pedestrians pass over them, therefore also contributing to a reduction in noise pollution.

KIO is therefore a vehicular manhole cover ideal to be installed in transit, exhibition and pedestrian areas, because Kinext material is not an electricity conductor, thus protecting pedestrians from dispersions of hazardous voltage. Furthermore, unlike traditional ones, manhole covers in composite material also discourage theft and vandalism. Lastly, the plastic manholes designed by Polieco can be customised with logos and colours.

Polieco Group produces different manhole covers of the KIO line, designed for any type of need: from manhole cover in composite material KIO 15kN, designed as a round manhole for pedestrian or bicycle traffic, up to larger ones and in different shapes, such as the KIO class B125, KIO C250  and KIO D400 manhole cover, ideal for closing a road manhole. KIO manhole covers are used for gas, aqueduct, sewer and electric networks.

Polieco completes the KIO range by also making the KIO Concave Grating ideal for draining stormwater and surface water and KIO TRENCH, the modular manhole cover designed to be installed on top of concrete channels in service areas, industrial areas, commercial areas, ports and quays.

Discover all the manhole covers of the KIO range by Polieco: download the information material from the Download Area for detailed information on all the features that make manhole covers in composite material an enormous innovation in the world of road manhole covers.