PRICE LISTINGS: price catalogue of corrugated sewer and drainage pipes, cable ducts, manholes and pipe accessories

For those who are looking for the price list of corrugated sewer pipes, the diameter of the products or want to opt for a composite manhole cover over traditional cast iron, Polieco offers a wide range of high quality and efficient products.
In this section you can view and download all price lists for Polieco branded products, a company that has always stood out for producing innovative, state-of-the-art technical solutions.

Discover sewer pipe specifications and prices for the entire ECOPAL sewer pipe range. See the complete catalogue of all other products, such as drainage pipes and corrugated cable ducts, the innovative manhole covers of the KIO line made of Kinext composite material, manholes and the entire line of Polieco accessories such as pipe fittings, supports and Firenze traps.