DRENOPAL is a slotted pipe used for ground stormwater collection, capturing leachate or dispersing stormwater into the ground.

It is manufactured in three different stiffness classes (SN 4, SN 8 and SN 16 kN/m2) from a bar of ECOPAL pipe, a corrugated pipe made of high-density polyethylene or high elastic modulus polypropylene.

The DRENOPAL slotted pipe features a surface corrugated on the outside and smooth on the inside: the slots make it possible to collect groundwater and to channel it to a final destination. When there are drainage trenches, the pipe can be used to collect and disperse the stormwater into the ground.

The pipe is slotted as required, using a special tool, at 220° (channel slotting) or 360° (full circumferential slotting). Slot widths and lengths vary depending on the diameter and type of slot. Other types of slotting can be evaluated according to customer requirements.

Download the technical data sheet and specifications of the DRENOPAL slotted pipe by Polieco to get all the technical information and advantages of the product.