GeoDrenopal is a drain pipe consisting of a corrugated slotted pipe between two corrugations (Drenopal) coated on the outside by a polypropylene geotextile with a mass per unit area ≥ 150 g/m².

The Polieco drain pipe is corrugated on the outside and smooth on the inside: the item is produced with the outer wall black and the inner wall grey.

The GeoDrenopal micro-slotted drain pipe is available in diameters ranging from ND/OD 160 to ND/OD 1200 and in three stiffness classes: SN4, SN8 and SN 16 kN/m2. The Polieco micro-slotted drain pipe has three different types of slotting available: at 220° (channel slotting) or 360° (full circumferential slotting).

It is recommended to use the GeoDrenopal drain pipe with geotextile to prevent earth from entering the slots along the drain pipe, so that the stormwater can enter the pipe without the risk of being blocked.

Download the technical data sheet and specifications to know all the features of the GeoDrenopal micro-slotted drain pipe.