Drenosewer is a corrugated, high-density, polyethylene slotted pipe in bars. It is used to collect stormwater from the ground.

The drain pipe is taken from a double wall co-extruded high-density polyethylene corrugated cable conduit, corrugated on the outside and smooth on the inside, with slotting in the space between the two corrugations. It is intended for the drainage of stormwater in the ground of civil, sporting and farming facilities.

The outer wall is black for better resistance to UV radiation.

The polyethylene corrugated sewer pipe has a crush resistance of over 450 N with an outer diameter deflection of 5% (internal specification extrapolated from IEC EN 61386-24).

Two types of slots are available – 220° (slots only on the upper part of the circumference) or 360° (slots over the entire circumference). Slot widths are 2 mm to prevent particles from entering the high density polyethylene pipe that may lead to blockage, which would thus render drainage ineffective.

Download the technical data sheet and specifications of Drenosewer, the polyethylene corrugated sewer pipe by Polieco.