GeoDrenosewer is a slotted corrugated pipe manufactured in 6 m bars from high-density polyethylene. Unlike Drenosewer, the pipe is covered with a grey synthetic fibre geotextile with air mass ≥ 150 g/m².

GeoDrenosewer is made from a co-extruded, double-walled cable conduit: the outer wall is corrugated while the inner wall is smooth. This pipe is ideal for the drainage of rainwater into the ground, which is why it has slots in the space between two pipe corrugations.

The are two types of slots: 220° (only the upper part of the pipe is slotted) or 360° (the entire pipe is slotted around its circumference). The slots are 2 mm to prevent any particles from entering the pipe, causing blockages and preventing water drainage.

It has a crush resistance of over 450 N with an outer diameter deflection of 5% (internal specification extrapolated from IEC EN 61386-24).

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