For ideal management of stormwater it is good to have an innovative system available that can be adapted to different scenarios. This is why Polieco has marketed Rausikko, a complete system capable of meeting all the needs in the collection, storage and dispersion of stormwater into the ground.

The use of dispersing cells is designed for several contexts, such as residential and industrial areas, logistic facilities and underneath the road surface of carriageways and car parks.

Rausikko consists of modular polypropylene cells that can be used even in heavy traffic and on several levels, with the possibility of being installed even under extreme conditions such as great depths. The stormwater dispersing cells system is easy to install: it can be applied quickly without needing fastening clips as it is supplied with preassembled interlocking pins to connect the different modules.

Compared to traditional systems made with dispersing trenches, the empty index of the cells is 95%, allowing to considerably reduce the excavation volume and the area engaged by the dispersion. Compared to absorbing manholes, the advantage of the Rausikko system consists in the fact that a deep excavation is not required, where the water table can be found, but a more superficial trench can be made.

The distinctive feature of the Rausikko system is the channel in the centre of the cells for inspection and cleaning of the debris accumulated through high-pressure washing. The entire Rausikko system must be encased in geotextile to prevent the surrounding soil from obstructing the dispersion channels.

Not only does the Rausikko system consist of cells, but Polieco Group also produces a series of accessories and special parts to create a complete, extremely flexible and reliable system.

Download the information brochure and discover all the features of the Rausikko system, the innovative dispersing cell for managing stormwater marketed by Polieco.