KIO B125

KIO B125

The Polieco Class B125 KIO manhole cover is made in composite material. It is the most versatile product of the KIO Range: the item consists of a square or round frame, smooth (for installation on interlocking block or stone floors) or with anchoring fins. The B125 manhole cover can be equipped with connecting sockets with manhole risers.

The lid, with non-slip surface, can also be requested either square or round  depending on the shape of the frame.

The KIO B125 manhole cover is manufactured with innovative composite material designed and patented by Polieco Group, the result of years of research and experiments.

The manhole cover acts as a gully top and closes road manholes: the KIO class B125 manhole cover is used in pedestrian and similar areas, parking areas or multilevel carparks, as specified in standard EN 124-1. They can also be applied in aqueduct, sewerage, electrical and gas networks and transport and telecommunication systems.

Clamping systems in composite material or steel are available on demand. Customised logos or texts can also be applied on the lid.

See the information brochure, technical data sheet, specification, product certificate and BIM drawings to discover all the features of the KIO B125 manhole cover.