Within the KIO range, Polieco manufactures a manhole grating ideal for draining stormwater and surface waters.

The KIO grating is produced exclusively in 500×500 dimensions (clear opening 400×400) and in class C250. The frame is square shaped supplied with fins for proper anchoring during installation. Polieco supplies an optional stainless steel clamping system together with the KIO manhole grating.

The shape of the grating is concave to allow for optimal collection of surface water. Furthermore, the KIO grating has a non-slip surface, making it walkable.

Like all other KIO items, the grating is made of the innovative Kinext composite material with a variety of advantages in terms of efficiency, reliability and ease of use during installation and maintenance.

The slots with a width of 32 mm have been designed in such a way that the water outflow section is no less than 30% of the section set by the internal clear span, as specified in EN 124-1.

The grating  can also be customised with the name of the customer or service.

Download the information brochure, technical data sheet, specification, product certificate and BIM drawings to discover all the features of the manhole concave grating.