KIO 15kN


Within the KIO product range, Polieco manufactures KIO 15kN, a manhole cover in composite material consisting of a round frame with fins for anchoring during installation and a round lid with a non-slip surface.

The round KIO Ø800 manhole cover with 15 kN strength is manufactured by using Kinext swarf, an innovative composite material with which KIO covers are made. Using composite material instead of normal cast-iron has several advantages in terms of effectiveness and functionality.

KIO 15 kN is used as gully top and manhole cover in areas for the sole use of pedestrians and pedal cyclists, as specified standard EN 124-1. Furthermore, manhole covers in composite material can be used for: gas networks, aqueducts, sewerage distribution networks, power grids and transport and telecommunication systems.

Consult the information brochure, technical data sheet and specifications to get all the information on the KIO 15kN manhole cover.