ECOPAL SLOW MOTION is a high-density, polyethylene double wall corrugated pipe for use as non-pressurised sewerage and drain pipes, black outside and grey inside.

The ECOPAL SLOW MOTION pipe is composed of a blend of high density polyethylene with a percentage of colour masterbatch and antioxidant additives for better thermal stability.

ECOPAL SLOW MOTION is a corrugated pipe both inside and out: the external corrugated wall gives it better adherence to the ground, while the internal wall, also corrugated, is ideal for slowing down the water flow.

Polieco offers pipes with specific features suited for every work context. With the ECOPAL SLOW MOTION pipe, the system is designed to be installed where laying conditions are particularly difficult and flow speeds need to be reduced because of steep slopes.

Download the technical data sheet and the specifications to know all the features of the ECOPAL SLOW MOTION corrugated pipes system.