Ecopal is a corrugated pipe made of high-density polyethylene and/or high elastic modulus polypropylene which, due to its special geometric shape, has a high deformation resistance.
Ecopal is a double-wall, co-extruded pipe, smooth on the inside in grey and corrugated on the outside in black for greater light stability.
Ecopal is resistant to impact, low temperatures and has a high resistance to chemical substances.
Ecopal is an extremely versatile product – it accommodates a wide range of special pieces and may be connected to all existing pipework.
It is a partially flexible product which makes it possible to circumvent obstacles during laying and to adapt to imperfections in excavation.
It is produced in three different annular stiffness classes (SN4 kN/m2, SN8 kN/m2 and SN16 kN/m2) which allow it to be used in a variety of installations, even those at considerable depth.
It is produced in 6 or 12 metre bars and includes an EPDM gasket that allows pipes to be constructed with a limited number of junctions, potential weak points in the construction of all sewerage system types.


ECOPAL Disegno tecnico