Polieco manufactures Ecopal NO LOSS, a system consisting of a high-density polyethylene and/or high elastic modulus polypropylene Ecopal pipe with a NO LOSS gasket, in addition to the normal coupling system.

The Ecopal pipe is a double wall co-extruded corrugated pipe, smooth on the inside in grey and corrugated on the outside in black, for non-pressurised underground drain pipes. The NO LOSS gasket is added to the normal Ecopal system, consisting of an EPDM seal and coupler or socket. It is placed in the groove between the second and third corrugations of the pipe to prevent liquid infiltrations or leaks at the coupling points.

The NO LOSS gasket is a water-stop expanding seal that expands on contact with water. The Polieco NO LOSS water-stop expanding seal consists of synthetic rubber added with polymers, packed as preformed tape.

This particular system consisting of a coupling with water-stop expanding seal is used where a traditional coupling system may not be adequate due to settling of the surrounding soil.

Download the technical data sheet and specifications to know all the features of the Polieco NO LOSS gasket.