According to UNI EN 13476-3, corrugated pipes for sewerage networks produced by Polieco have a profile falling under type B, i.e. a ‘pipe with a smooth inner surface and a solid or hollow spiral or annular rib’.

The production of Polieco’s corrugated pipes stems from the study of a special equipment developed in Germany for structured walls. This technology required the pipe profile to have a semi-circular top, which was specially designed to optimise load resistance.

The wave shape of the upper part of the rib, which is typical of diameters from DN/OD 250 mm, gives the possibility to change the ring stiffness from SN 4 to SN 8 kN/m2 by acting on rib thickness. For diameters lower than DN/OD 250 mm, the section’s characteristics are slightly different as the spacing of the rib is too short for such a complex structure and the wall thickness cannot be decreased too much.

The reference standard is silent on the colours of corrugated pipes, but special colours were chosen for the two types of pipes manufactured by Polieco.

The ECOPAL pipe is black on the outside for better resistance to UV radiation and grey on the inside.

ECOPAL 2.0 is a co-extruded, double-wall pipe, smooth on the inside in white to facilitate video inspection of the pipe and corrugated on the outside in blue, and includes a white, longitudinal line to facilitate pipe alignment.

ECOPAL pipe                            ECOPAL 2.0 pipe