Ecopal corrugated ND/OD 1200 pipes and tee manholes

The objective was to create a temporary stormwater storage space to serve urban areas and car parks.
The stormwater is conveyed and collected in two communicating basins, each consisting of 11 bars of 6 meters of Ecopal ND/OD 1200 SN 8 pipe.
The total volume that can be accumulated by the entire system is over 108 m3.
The ends of the two basins are capped using 20 mm reinforced polyethylene sheets sealed to the inner wall of the pipe.
Access for inspection and cleaning of the entire system is via a ND/OD 1200 tee, created by a rotomoulding process.
The end of each basin includes a branch in the lower area which acts as a flow regulator, ensuring that there is a continuous, limited inflow to the sewerage system once the stormwater event is over.
The upper area includes a second outlet (overflow) which activates in the event of exceptional weather events and discharges excess water into a surface body of water.
The connection between the bars was carried out using a gasket as, due to the presence of the overflow, the system cannot be subject to pressure except for short periods of time.
The modular nature of the Ecopal system allows storage spaces of any size to be created by increasing the number of bars or the internal diameter of the pipeline.

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