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The first listening space for individuals, began in the month of November 2021, where some of our employees attended this initiative.

In Industrie Polieco – M.P.B., taking care of our employees’ mental health is an important part of our mandate. That is why we are working with an expert in well-being to assist our people coping with their personal and professional issues.

Situations of occupational stress can reflect on one’s private life and vice versa. The goal of this project is to help balancing the two areas; to allow the employee to peacefully cope with their days inside and outside the company.

It is structured in a once a week personal meeting, where one can openly speak about any issue upsetting their personal sphere, with the certainty that the conversation is  fully confidential.

In this initial stage, we are working with a limited number of employees to evaluate the project. In case of a positive feedback, this project will be extended to all workers with a free listening point.

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