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Being decorated with the Star of Merit for Work entails the attribution of the title of Master of Work.

In Industrie Polieco – M.P.B. we have 3 former employees, now retired, who have distinguished themselves for their unique merits of expertise, hard work and morality during their career.

Renato Ramera, Silvana Chiari and Luciano Guerrini were awarded by the title of Masters of Work. The President of the Italian Republic issues the Decree on the Ministry of Work and Social Welfare proposal. This recognition also came thanks to our Personnel Administration, which prepared the application for the Star of Merit for Work award.

Renato Ramera, with us since the company was founded in 1977, has grown professionally into and with the company. He was with us in all stages of development: from a small company to the transformation into one of the leaders in our sector. His journey with us ended in 2014 when he retired as Head of Adhesive Production.

Within the group, we remember Renato in particular for contributing significantly to the success of the start-up plant operations that M.P.B. acquired in Switzerland in 1982.

Silvana Chiari was our second pensioner to obtain this honour in 2019, after 28 years in the company ended as Head of Administration and Finance.

Silvana was a steadfast head of the company during the financial crisis that hit the whole nation.

She set up customer and supplier selection policies based on a constant and continuous monitoring system, a strategy that allowed us to optimize financial flows. During this period, she had also renounced her Executive position because she wanted to contain costs and allow some economic breathing space.

Luciano Guerrini has spent his entire life working for Industrie Polieco – M.P.B. He joined the company as a simple worker at the age of 17, he retired at the end of 2020 as Head of Adhesive Production.

Luciano joined the company immediately after its foundation and has been with us at all times, growing and facing challenges together. He has many merits, but we remember him pleasantly for having invented, in 2003, the name Luxene for a new range of polyethylene products, which is still today a group’s flagship product.

Industrie Polieco – M.P.B. is proud to have known, worked, and grown thanks to these 3 talents who trusted in our abilities and supported us in difficult moments, bringing professionalism, competence, and a smile.

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