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Two significant milestones and a new positioning for the two business divisions. At Industrie Polieco – M.P.B., based in Cazzago San Martino (BS), we nod to tradition but have an eye to the future.

The business units that are part of Industrie Polieco – M.P.B., Polieco Group and M.P.B., are celebrating thirty and forty-five years of existence respectively. In view of this important milestone, it was decided to work on the Group’s corporate ecosystem, redefining its Brand Architecture.

Polieco Group manufactures corrugated pipes for the construction and electrical sector, i.e. for electrical and sewage systems, and KIO manhole covers made of composite material.

M.P.B., on the other hand, is Europe’s largest polyethylene and polypropylene compounder and manufactures raw materials used in the external anti-corrosion coating of steel pipes used for the world’s major gas, oil and water pipelines. M.P.B. also manufactures adhesives for multilayer barrier structures, multilayer panels for decorative building with aluminium sheets, as well as coupling compounds. Finally, functionalised M.P.B. polymers are used as low-temperature impact modifiers for polyamides. Strengthen the Group’s identity, consolidate its long history and project it into the future. These are the guidelines that guided the project and led the Group towards the achievement of new goals with a renewed, more dynamic and up-to-date image. A new logo for the holding company was defined and the logos of the two divisions, Polieco Group and M.P.B., were restyled.

A new identity to symbolise achievement
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