Ecopal corrugated ND/ID 300-ND/OD 200 pipes and related special parts

The objective was to create a geothermal exchanger for a controlled mechanical air ventilation system in a four-flat building – air aspirated from the outside is conditioned by exploiting the temperature of the subsoil and is delivered into the houses, thus ensuring continuous recycling of air with obvious advantages in terms of comfort and healthy conditions in the living spaces.
Using a 60-metre ducting system, the air is filtered from smog or impurities and heated or cooled naturally depending on the season.
Before entering the flats, the air then transits a heat exchanger that raises the temperature to 18-20 degrees.
Three 20 m Ecopal ND/ID 300 SN 8, high-density polyethylene, corrugated pipelines were planned for the design. Three Ecopal ND/OD 200 SN 8 corrugated pipes branch off from the main pipeline and enter a manhole, which allows for pre-established sanitation interval procedures.
To optimise laying procedures on site, the connection between the three lines was created using a single piece.
The pipes were laid at a depth of about 3 metres beneath a green zone.

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