Ecopal corrugated ND/ID 400 pipes and related special parts

The objective was to create floating structures to support the photovoltaic system frames.
The system, the only one of its kind in Italy, was built on a rainwater collection pond extended with an area of approximately one hectare internal to an agricultural estate in Tuscany.
The system includes the advantage of having limited environmental impact without compromising the original role of the body of water, which is used for irrigation purposes and as a fire-fighting reserve.
This type of system has a 30% higher yield than traditional fixed systems owing to the presence of a motor that rotates the panels during the day to follow the sun.
The plant produces 200 kilowatts, saving €70,000 in running costs.
The project required the construction of rectangular, floating structures, each 4.5 m in width resting on corrugated Ecopal high-density, polyethylene ND/ID 400, class SN 8 pipes.
To enhance the resistance of the pipes to UV rays, a special material was used to ensure integrity of the structures over the years.
The different elements, created at Polieco Group’s workshop, were then assembled and sealed on site by our personnel to obtain 44 closed structures, varying in size from 6.2 x 4.5 m to 14.6 x 4.5 m.
The structures were transported onto the surface of the pond and then connected using galvanised steel brackets and profiles, on which the walkways and support structures for the photovoltaic panels were mounted.

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