KIO TRENCH 558×1000 mm

In addition to classic composite manhole covers, Polieco Group also produces modular manhole covers called KIO TRENCH.

This product, with external dimensions of 500×900 mm, can be placed above a 400 or 800 mm wide concrete service channel, inside exhibition centres such as at Dubai Expo 2020, or in service areas, industrial areas, commercial areas, ports and quays. KIO TRENCH can be laid in modular form (two-sided support) or in single form (four-sided support), as it is produced in different thicknesses. The cover can be placed directly on the supporting walls of the channel or on an aluminium or steel frame.

In 2020, a Swiss customer asked Polieco Group to study a special composite material suitable for installation inside tunnels. The research and development department then designed and produced a second model of KIO TRENCH, with external dimensions of 558×1000 mm with fire reaction class C (according to EN 13501). Thanks to the use of a special additive, it was possible to produce a cover that can also be installed inside tunnels.

Around 2000 new KIO TRENCH models were laid and coupled above a steel frame inside a 940 m tunnel built on the outskirts of the city of Zurich. The class C250 cover was placed above concrete chambers measuring 500 x 1900 mm in which cables for the power grid, telecommunications and control systems are installed. Construction work on the tunnel began in September 2019 and was completed in early 2022.

The KIO TRENCH manhole cover was chosen in this project mainly because of its corrosion resistance compared to traditional ferrous cover systems.

In this regard, further work will begin in 2022 on Swiss territory, again within tunnels, involving the replacement of manhole covers made of ferrous material with modular manhole covers made of composite material.