At Industrie Polieco – MPB, we understand the importance of protecting and safeguarding the environment and we are, therefore, committed to integrating aspect of environmental concern into our business activities.
This takes the form of monitoring environmental performance and setting improvement targets for emissions, waste management and resource use.
The roofs on our Italian branches have been completely covered with photovoltaic power systems – the installed power is 1.165 MWp and takes care of, on average, 5% of our annual energy requirements.
This allows us to prevent the emission of approximately 300 tonnes/year of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Awareness of the responsible use of energy has led us to convert traditional lighting technology in all production departments to LED technology, thereby reducing energy consumption by approximately 60%.
We believe that a systematic approach to environmental management is successful, which is why we have in our possession an environmental management system that has been certified according to ISO 14001 since 2005.

Download ISO 14001 certificate here

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