The cable conduit 450 N is a corrugated cable gland polyethylene pipe designed to protect cables in underground electrical and telephone installations.

The structured profile of the corrugated underground cable conduit provides it with excellent strength and capability of the anchoring in the ground while the smooth surface makes it possible to run the cables inside the cable conduit with less friction.

Polieco manufactures underground cable conduits with a black inner wall and outer wall. On-demand, we can make cable ducts with a blue, red or yellow outer wall. Whereas the connection coupler is grey.

The item features a crushing resistance higher than 450 N with a 5% deflection of the outside diameter, as specified in standard IEC EN 61386-24.

The use of underground cable conduits is ideal for protecting MT/BT electric cables and telecommunication cables: Polieco 450 N cable conduit can be used in conditions ranging from -10 to +60 °C.

Download the technical data sheet of the Polieco 450 N cable conduit to get all the information you need.