Photovoltaic Systems

Polieco Italia increases production of renewable energy from photovoltaics at its Cazzago San Martino plant.

Last October, the installation of a new 350 kWp plant was completed. With this expansion, the photovoltaic park now has 4,000 modules for a total output of 1,300 kWp, and by the first quarter of 2023 it will be further expanded with the installation of another 350 kWp system, consisting of double-sided modules to optimise productivity.

Polieco Italia will therefore be able to boast a 1.65 MWp plant with an estimated annual production of 2.2 GWh of electricity and a saving of 1,000 tonnes CO2eq per year, equal to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed in one year by 100,000 trees.

Thanks to the investments in the two-year period 2022-2023, Polieco Italia will double the production of energy from renewable sources to cover about 10% of the energy needs of the Cazzago San Martino plant. A great achievement for a company that has been investing and continuing to believe in renewable energy since 2011.

Polieco invests again in Renewable Energy
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