As regards cable conduits, there are no regulations determining what the colour of corrugated pipes should be.

The colour of the corrugated pipes may also depend on the country of installation of the cable conduits. Generally, however, there is a tendency to identify the type of cables housed inside the pipes by the external colour of the corrugated pipe.

Let’s look at the commonly distinguishing external colours for Italy, for example:

  • electrical cables: black, grey or red;
  • gas pipes: yellow;
  • telephone cables: blue.

Whereas the internal colour of all cable conduits is normally black.

There are many types of cables and installations as well as colours that can be applied to each cable conduit to distinguish them. For this reason, cable conduit manufacturers tend to use standard colours that can be modified at the customer’s request using a colour masterbatch.

For example, Polieco produces its cable conduits in black as standard, but it is also possible to make the corrugated pipe red, blue, green or yellow.

ENEL and TELECOM cable conduits are a different matter. They are identified by precise technical but also colour specifications for use in these installations:

  • ENEL cable conduit: grey outside, yellow inside;
  • TELECOM cable conduit: blue inside and outside.

Polieco cable conduits                            ENEL cable conduits