As we have already seen for pipes, it is reductive to speak of a plastic manhole as this material has many differences depending on whether it is polyethylene, polypropylene or PVC.

In general, we are talking about a material that is being used more and more in construction because it has numerous advantages. The use of plastic manholes has the following characteristics:

  • lightness for easier transport, storage and laying at the yard;
  • easy and fast laying;
  • easy to assemble at the yard;
  • absolute watertightness thanks to seals connected to through pipes;
  • possibility of creating an integrated system of the same material equally resistant to abrasion and chemical agents contained in wastewater;
  • possibility for manholes to be made of plastic on the engineer drawing (angular manholes, jump manholes, manholes with several inlets);
  • fast supply especially for moulded base manholes;
  • possibility to connect pipes made of different materials (smooth PE, PVC, stoneware).

Compared to concrete manholes which are commonly used for sewer systems, plastic manholes guarantee:

  • higher resistance to abrasion for more durable manholes;
  • greater resistance to chemical aggression by acids and solvents;
  • less weight, which reduces the final construction time and above all the risk of accidents;
  • extreme versatility due to the fact that plastic is a more flexible material and allows for a wide range of manholes.


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