The cable conduits feature a range of accessories that can facilitate laying or be essential for certain types of installation.

The main accessories are:

  • Couplers;
  • Caps;
  • Supports;
  • Electric manholes.

Corrugated pipe accessories are produced from plastic materials using the injection moulding technique.

The couplers and caps are polyethylene and are fitted to the ends of the pipes. Couplers are used to join two coils or bars of cable conduit so that they do not come apart; caps are used to close the end of the cable conduit. The latter product is used when you want to prevent foreign bodies from entering the pipe.

The supports are in pvc and can be single or multi-grooved. They are used as support for cable conduits and are very useful for polyfer installations where the various pipes have to follow a precise route alongside each other.

Finally, the electrical manhole is polypropylene and has a square cross-section with a cover to allow inspection inside. Electrical cable conduit manholes are used for the routing and housing of electrical cables, providing insulation from atmospheric or chemical agents as manhole as impact resistance.

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