KIO TRENCH modular manhole cover

More than 130 modular manhole covers in KIO TRENCH composite material have been used to cover a technological channel just over 60 m long located inside the AQUAFIL plant in Arco di Trento.
The company’s technicians requested the option of replacing a deteriorated sheet metal covering. Polieco Group came up with a sturdy, yet lightweight, insulating, corrosion-resistant product – the KIO TRENCH 900×500.
The obvious choice was the most durable version in the range, the KIO TRENCH 400 kN, capable of withstanding well over 40 tonnes, considering its location in the tanker manoeuvring area.
KIO TRENCH was placed on steel box profiles and secured using bolts.
The result is a technical success story and the KIO TRENCH integrates pleasingly into the internal plant roadways.
The non-slip surface of KIO manhole covers, consisting of a finish with almonds in relief, provides greater safety in the working environment, even making it suitable for internal plant roadways.