KIO 700×700 C250 manhole covers and 900×500 250 kN KIO TRENCH

Beginning in October 2021, Dubai is to host Expo 2020, the international exhibition entitled “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, an event for which over 25 million visitors are expected.
The Expo 2020 event centre will be the Conference and Exhibition Centre (CoEx), a pavilion area of approximately125,000 m², a true city, consisting of an exhibition centre, conference rooms, shops, car parks and countless other services.
When Expo 2020 closes, the Dubai Exhibition Centre will become one of the largest cultural buildings in the world.
Such a large centre contains almost 2 km of service tunnels and almost 2,500 manholes.
In a modern, ambitious project such as that of CoEx, the use of a traditional, cast iron or metal cover in stark contrast with the modern style of the building was not even considered as an option.
The Commissioning Body (Dubai World Trade Centre), the local contractor and Australian design team turned to Polieco Group and chose the KIO manhole cover for this grandiose project.
KIO was also chosen because of Polieco Group’s willingness to adapt the product to individual customer requirements.
Polieco Group includes Technical and R&D Departments that supervise projects at each stage, from ideation to implementation.
The DWTC requirements were manifold – a product that is load-resistant, safe for visitors, noise-free, adaptable to differing service requirements, and seamlessly integrated into the context of the modern aesthetics of the building.
Over 4000 customised C250 class pieces in 7 different types were produced and supplied for the CoEx centre, including a special, anti-slip surface to make both the transfer of visitors, and the positioning of the decorative carpets, safe.

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