05/11/2020 - A new Pediatric Emergency Room for Christmas

The collaboration between Industrie Polieco - M.P.B. and Children's Hospital goes on

16/10/2020 - 231/2001 adopted by Industrie Polieco - M.P.B.

Organization, Management and Control Model in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/2001 adopted by Industrie Polieco - M.P.B. Srl

16/10/2020 - A new Pharmacy Laboratory in Brescia Children's Hospital

The Laboratory was created thanks to the donations of Industrie Polieco - MPB, of its suppliers and customers
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A new Pediatric Emergency Room for Christmas


2020 was a difficult year for everyone, but those who suffered the most were the hospitals and their staff who never stopped running to solve the Covid-19 emergency and try to find a cure for this virus.

That’s why, this Christmas Industrie Polieco - M.P.B. has chosen to help the Children's Hospital of Brescia again. We believe that at this moment they are the neediest institution. Due to the pandemic, hospitals have had to put apart many projects necessary for the care of patients not affected by Coronavirus.

Among all those projects, Tonelli family has identified the most important one: the renovation of the Pediatric Emergency Department.

Children's Hospital is re-building, with an important building intervention, OBI (Intensive Short Observation), the ward where little ones are kept waiting for hospitalization to be activated or under observation for 24 hours, in case it is important to monitor the situation.

Specifically, hospital needs 6 beds. The ward is in fact equipped with hospital rooms where little patients can wait serenely for the response of the doctors surrounded by their families.

The amount to be raised is high, we are talking about almost € 48,000. Industrie Polieco - M.P.B., like last year, will make an initial donation but we need the support of our suppliers and customers to reach the necessary amount.

Anyone who wishes to participate in this new initiative can make a small or large donation to the Spedali Civili of Brescia, we count on your support.



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