31/01/2020 - Smart KIO

A brochure to learn more about the KIO electromagnetic permeability features

18/11/2019 - Big 5 Dubai

Polieco Group will be in Dubai from November 25 to 28.

11/10/2019 - Metellino d'Oro Award

Industrie Polieco - MPB received Metellino d'Oro last night
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Metellino d'Oro Award


METEL is the company that sets the standard for companies price lists that produce electrical equipment. The aim is to create a unique model for make and manage order documents.

In 1999 METEL established the Metellino d 'Oro Award aimed at rewarding the most virtuous companies that know how to communicate their products to the market in a shared, international and precise way.

Last night the celebrations for the twentieth anniversary of the award were held.

During the event, Industrie Polieco - MPB receive an award as a manufacturing company for the quality and quantity of products listed during 2019. We are improving speed, accuracy and reliability of the information exchanged along the supply chain.

Industrie Polieco - MPB is proud to receive the Metellino d 'Oro, a sign of commitment to continuous improvement of its staff and IT systems aimed at simplify the communication experience of its customers.