31/01/2020 - Smart KIO

A brochure to learn more about the KIO electromagnetic permeability features

18/11/2019 - Big 5 Dubai

Polieco Group will be in Dubai from November 25 to 28.

11/10/2019 - Metellino d'Oro Award

Industrie Polieco - MPB received Metellino d'Oro last night
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Working Group CEN/TC 165/WG 4

Industrie Polieco MPB partecipate with an expert in the European Working Group CEN/TC 165/WG 4 "Covers, gratings, drainage channels and other ancillary components for use outside buildings" for the revision of the EN 124 European Standard.
The revised standard will be divided in six parts: Part 1 with general requirements, Part 2 to 6 with the requirements for each different materials. Composite materials are foreseen in Part 5 - "Gully tops and manhole tops made of composite".