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Absorbing Manholes

Polyethylene absorbing manholes

Main advantages:
. Light weight;
. Easy transport and installation;
. Very short installation times;
. They are an efficient alternative to concrete absorbing manholes;
. ND 160 or ND 200 pipe connection;
. Possibility to choose slot width and length.

Technical characteristics

1. The manhole final height can be modified at the yard by cutting the rise using a simple saw;
2. The absorbing manhole is also available without closing plate and conical reducer;
3. The slot characteristics (number, width and length) can be changed according to the project engineer's needs.


Conical reducer
Made of polyethylene by rotomolding, it is installed onto the rise and allows rise tapering from ND 1200 or ND 1000 up to ND 600 mm for crawl space.    

Slotted rise
Composed of a high-density polyethylene twin-layer corrugated pipe ND 1000 or 1200 mm has a stiffness class of 4 kN/m2.

Welded onto the rise external wall, allows to connect polyethylene corrugated pipes or PVC pipes with ND 160 or ND 200 diameter.

Closing plate
Made of polyethylene with 10 mm thickness is welded to the rise internal wall.

Dimensional characteristics of a 2 m high absorbing manhole provided with conical reducer

N°. of slot Weight
1000 853 98 10 6 90
1200 1025 120 10 6 110