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Drainage with corrugated pipe

The main characteristic of drainage pipes is the ability to collect the water in excess and evacuate it.
To fulfil the first task it is necessary that pipes have slots so that water can enter into the pipe and to carry away the water the pipe must have an adequate section with a sufficient slope and without obstacles so that water flows.

The best drainage pipes in commerce are the Polieco twin-wall pipes made with high density polyethylene corrugated externally and smooth internally called POLIDREN (green coils) and DRENOSEWER (black bars).

Standard slot at 360° and 220°

The drainage pipes are able to collect the water thanks to the slots into the corrugations (perpendicular to the pipe axis). By POLIDREN, as shown in the chart, slots are at 360°, placed every 120 degrees each slot from the next, for diameters from 110 to 160 mm, and every 60 degrees for diameter 90mm. By DRENOSEWER we can have two versions: one with slotting at 360° and the other at 220°, so that the bottom part of the pipe does not have slots, as shown in figure.

All slots have the same width of 2 mm in order to avoid the introduction of particle of a size which might obstruct the pipe in short time.
The choice of slotting perpendicular to the pipe axis and not lengthwise or diagonal has been made because in this way the slot is cut in the invert of the corrugation so that the two corrugation’s peaks avoid the obstruction of the slot from the surrounding materials.
Combination of the length and the width acts in such a way that the pipe works like a filter and divides water from the lime in suspension. The pipe walls thickness and corrugations structure guarantee a high compression & deformation resistance due to the adjustments of the ground.