11/10/2019 - Metellino d'Oro Award

Industrie Polieco - MPB received Metellino d'Oro last night

07/10/2019 - TOP 10 SME companies in the region of Trnava

POLIECO SLOVAKIA s.r.o. entered in the list of TOP 10 SME companies in the region of Trnava

04/10/2019 - Instead of the Panettone, make a gift for Christmas!

Polieco - MPB helps the Medicine go down is a Christmas initiative that will help children.
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The artificial ground drainage is made by a network of narrow underground ducts called drains. These are buried in the ground with different extent of permeability to collect and expel the water in excess. This system avoids to set a special form of the ground surface.

Drainage is essential for grounds where water infiltrations can produce heavy damage both in agriculture and in civil engineering projects.
To build a correct drainage network it is necessary to identify the underground water infiltrations.

Often it is necessary make a survey of the surface and underground hydrology also with help of meteorological, hydrometrical and phreatical data.
Moreover it is very important to know the physical and chemical characteristic of the ground, fist of all the permeability coefficient and the depth of the first impermeable layer.

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